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PRESS RELEASE January 30, 2021


Unique to The Whitecap Mountains Ski Resort - Every Sunday afternoon those who feel they are "good enough" to challenge Whitecap's nationally recognized double black diamonds -- St. George, The Dragon, Southern Cross, and Val-d'lsere, will be given that opportunity, be videotaped and officially judged as to their skill and competence. If they qualify, they will be enrolled in the Club and join a group of experts as members of the Whitecap Double Black Diamond Club.


Ski Magazine - October 2000 and October 2001 ranked The Whitecap Mountains the Midwest's #1 resort for skiing terrain. Four of the best double-black ski runs in the Midwest are located on the southern face of Eagle's Nest Mountain. It takes "cold blue steel" courage and skill to challenge these runs. Those who successfully maneuver these runs prove themselves to be among the best. The runs present a surprise with every turn, steep, curve, granite boulder and chute that test the agility, judgement and raw courage of the skier.

Each Sunday -- to recognize the "select" group of individuals skilled enough to ski the double-blacks, Whitecap Mountains is creating the Double-Black Diamond Club. To gain membership in the Club, the skier will be judged to have skied the double-blacks with superior technique, finesse, and style. Skiers will be videotaped as they make their qualifying runs, and the tapes will be run in the clubhouse followed by the judging.

Once certified, the individual is inducted into the Club. The individual judged "best of the Sunday run" will receive a full year Seasons Ski Pass and her/his name will be enshrined on the clubhouse wall.The Club will be headquartered in the Whitecap Steak Haus next to Bernie's Lounge.

The Clubhouse area provides a spectacular view of Whitecap Mountain from its loft position in Whitecap's Village Center. The space is alpine apres' ski and features the best NY Strip Steak sandwich in Big Snow Country.

To participate in the "run for membership" challengers will be required to register by 12:00 Noon at the Ski School Desk. Competition will begin at 1:00 PM every Sunday afternoon from the top of the Eagle's Nest Mountain.

The inaugural day for the 2003 Double Black Diamond Club is on Sunday, February 2, 2003.

 come and have the time of your life!


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